Foreign Minister Avramopoulos meets with the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy M. Nimetz

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9 Jan 2013
  • Αβραμόπουλος Avramopoulos

Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos met today with the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy Matthew Nimetz, who is carrying out a visit to Athens and Skopje within the framework of the UN negotiation process for the resolution of the name issue. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras also met briefly with Mr. Nimetz at the Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Minister Avramopoulos stressed Greece’s support for Mr. Nimetz’s mandate and efforts to achieve progress on the name issue, briefing his collocutor in depth on the Greek proposal for the signing by the two sides of a memorandum of understanding aimed at imparting momentum to the negotiation process under the UN and setting out the framework and parameters for the solution. He also reiterated Greece’s firm commitment and political will to achieve progress, based on the conviction that the achievement of a solution will lead to a deepening of Greek-FYROM bilateral relations, strengthen regional stability, and lend momentum to FYROM’s European and Euroatlantic perspective.

During the meeting, the two sides carried out a review of the talks so far and looked at the prospects for the negotiation process based on the thoughts and ideas drawn up by Mr. Nimetz. In this context, Foreign Minister Avramopoulos expressed the Greek side’s readiness to participate actively and constructively in the next steps in the process.

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